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Operation and Maintenance

O&M services include plant maintenance, facility management, operations support, asset performance improvement, operations readiness, start-up and commissioning. This includes, coal & gas power plants, solar & biomass plants, cogeneration plants, infrastructure, industrial facilities and gas turbines.

ATPL can provide a variety of operation and maintenance services ranging from full O&M contract service to discrete O&M activities. Our services range from project development support and mobilization services to O&M contracts covering the whole project life cycle


Conduct or ensure ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M), including repair and replacement (R&R)* Task:

• O&M Plan and Budget
• System performance • Monitoring system
• O&M Contracts and agreements
• Warranties
• Production guarantees
• Buyout Options


• Ensure responsible party carries out O&M/R&R*
• Measuring and tracking success
• Correlate with business plan and strategic energy plan
• Contract compliance
• Reporting of generation
• Met or exceeded energy and financial performance