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Energy Audit and Condition Monitoring.

Energy today has become a key factor in deciding the product cost at micro level as well as in dictating the inflation and the debt burden at the macro level. Energy cost is a significant factor in economic activity at par with factors of production like capital, land and labour. Energy Audit helps in energy cost optimization, pollution control, safety aspects and suggests the methods to improve the operating & maintenance practices of the system..

The Energy Audit provides the vital information base for overall energy conservation program covering essentially energy utilization analysis and evaluation of energy conservation measures. It aims at:

• Identifying the quality and cost of various energy inputs.
• Assessing present pattern of energy consumption in different cost centers of operations.
• Relating energy inputs and production output.
• Identifying potential areas of thermal and electrical energy economy.
• Highlighting wastage’s in major areas.

Condition monitoring is based on trending. It requires that suitable sensors be used, dedicated parameters be monitored, baseline (normal condition) be defined and data trends be captured to identify condition changes. Effective condition monitoring requires that all abnormal conditions be identified through comparisons with normal or baseline conditions. But it is not possible for each and every component of a complex power generation train to be identified in such a manner. Major machine component considered in common condition monitoring programs are:

• Bearings, including radial and thrust bearings
• Seal and packing.
• Rotor (shaft or crankshaft mechanism)
• Auxiliaries, such as lube oil system, seal system cooling system and so on.